Bolt Pro Kit

Bolt Pro Kit

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The Bolt Pro is an incredibly fast and durable Bolt we've ever made. This powerful device is the next step up from a Bolt Kit and is perfect for the more experienced extract users, that want to use more extracts with each use. This device features a larger inner heating rod and Pro XL nails that doubles the size of our normal nail dishes. 


  • Larger Heating Rod
  • XL TI, Quartz, And Ceramic Nails
  • Replaceable Heating Rod
  • Reaches up to 980*F
  • Extremely Portable


1x Bolt Pro
1x Bolt Pro Case
1x 18650 Battery
1x Magnetic Stand
1x Silicon Protector
1x Silcon Container
1x Glass Attachment
1x Pro XL Ceramic Nail
1x Pro XL Quartz Nail
1x Pro XL Titanium Nail
1x USB Charger