Kind Ash Cache Ashtray

Kind Ash Cache Ashtray

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It's unanimous & smokers agree...this is the best ash tray for glass smoke wear! High temp silicon (up to 600 degrees), stainless steel, will not break your glass pipe & spill proof.

Kind Ash Cache is a clever ash tray designed for use with glass pipes, glass cones and slides etc. The super heat and wear resistant silicone provides the ideal surface to tap or bang your expensive glass pipe or slide against without breaking it. Finally no more ash mess when emptying out your glass piece.

Now featuring the all new removable rig attachment. The rig features 18mm and 14mm glass piece holders, slots for poker and rolling papers, and a slot for lighter or vial.

  • Withstands Temperatures up to 600°F
  • Made of High Quality Silicon and Stainless Steel
  • No More Ash Mess When Cleaning
  • Ideal Surface to Tap Out Glass
  • Rig Holds Glass Attachments, Lighters, or Vials
  • Several Colors Available
  • Size: 4" x 2"